Service center

Service center

UAB „Transeta“ service centre specializes in regular heavy duty vehicle repair, apart from this, we provide aftercrash repair service for tow vehicles, trucks, special vehicles and semi-trailers. We also repair all types of vehicles, including agricultural and construction machinery with defects in main components.

Our company’s service centre personnel have many years of experience working with any kind of heavy duty vehicles manufactured in Europe. Our company is one of the first companies in Lithuania, which started providing framing straightening and riveting services. We perform cab straightening, preparation and painting works.

We provide diagnostic and regular repair service for our fleet and other customers.

UAB „Transeta“ transport fleet has five truck transportters. The company has been in close contact with many partners and spare parts suppliers throughout the region. The experience and gained knowledge of our service centre personnel ensure best offer to any customer providing the best solutions for optimal prices.



Tow vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers postcrash repair service:

  • Fault detection and selection of parts;
  • Straightening and riveting of frames;
  • Straightening and riveting repair works of the cab, bodywork and superstructure;
  • Axle straightening;
  • Geometry restoration;
  • Sanding;
  • Preparation and painting works;
  • Major repairs of main components;
  • Washing, polishing and cleaning services;
  • Preparation of technical equipment for roadworthiness testing.

Regular truck service:

  • Computer diagnostics;
  • Change of lubricants and filters;
  • Undercarriage repair;
  • Repair of the air and brake system;
  • Change and repair of the clutch and gearbox;
  • Repair of electrical equipment;
  • Engine repair;
  • Repair of hydraulic systems;
  • Tyre mounting, balancing and repair;
  • Wheel geometry check;
  • Car wash.

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