Truck transporters


UAB „Transeta“ has deservedly earned the name of a reliable partner, providing road transportation services of heavy equipment. In Lithuania, we are the “pioneers” of this type of transportation service. Over 20 years of activity in this market, we not only became well-known to many Lithuanian motor transport companies, but also became recognised by large heavy duty vehicle traders in Germany, France, Benelux and Scandinavia.

We transport vehicles in good conditions, as well as vehicle that do not move, defected or postcrash tow vehicles and trucks across all Europe.

Currently the company’s low loader fleet consists of 5 special vehicles for transporting tow vehicles, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery.

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Daiva Valentukevičienė

We closely work with lawyers, experts and appraisers in Germany who specialize in heavy duty vehicle accidents.

Therefore we can offer our full range of support services to our customers:

  • In the event of a transport accident, we provide assistance to organize vehicle and cargo rescue work;
  • We send an appraiser who assesses the damage done according to the tariffs set in the Western European countries;
  • Representing the interests of our customers, we communicate with the authorities on the identification of perpetrators;
  • We assist in negotiations with impound storage facilities;
  • We transport damaged vehicles using our low loaders across the EU;
  • We provide assistance in selling vehicles that are beyond repair after a transport accident;
  • We negotiate with insurance companies to ensure the maximum insurance payment;
  • We provide assistance in correct assessment of all additional losses incurred and require their insurance coverage.
We offer assistance to perpetrators of accidents, legally representing their interests throughout the proceedings.

Comments and additional terms:

  • We offer damaged transport services throughout the EU, including Norway and Switzerland;
  • Our experts, appraisers and lawyers can be provided in the following cases:
    • our customer‘s vehicle is involved into an automobile accident in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux;
    • our customer’s vehicle is involved into an automodile accident in any country of the European Union, but the vehicle of the identificated perpetrator is registered or insured in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux;
  • In order to ensure the best possible results of our services, it’s important that our team members could get involved into the handling process of the transport accident case at an early stage (or as soon as possible).

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